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Embroideries from St.Gallen oblige

Our passion? Textile treasures. For more than 90 years.
Be inspired and discover possibilities.

Together with you we effectively stage your product or your brand – customized and affordable.
We know what is possible and are well prepared for the challenges of the textile industry.
Embroideries from St.Gallen that work.

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Bischoff Textil AG
Bogenstrasse 9
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Embroideries from St.Gallen. For you.

The demands of our customers in mind. We are aware of the value and design. Quality stands in the centre of our work.
Together with you. Every day.

To grow on tasks.
Always and always.

90 years of development and entrepreneurship. We take our ideas also from this valuable pool of experiences. Out of where visions grow
To create something new and innovative.

A lot of material. Ready for new achievements.

Respect traditions and stay awake for what is yet to come. New ways, innovative procedures. Our claim is the best possible solution.
For a joint progress.